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Social Pop Co. is a social media marketing agency dedicated to up level the Instagram presence of your beauty and wellness company. 

because being a social media manager is more than just making “a few random posts.”

So you already know that it is against the unwritten rules of digital marketing as a business to NOT have a presence on social media. Having existing employee helping out to do a post “here and there” because you’re too busy…..well you know…running a business is a great band-aid solution, but if you want your business to a dent in the digital world, you should look towards making a more solid investment.

It’s okay that writing tweets, posting pictures to Instagram and keeping up with the constant algorithm changes are not your forte; because that’s where a highly trained social media manager comes into play. Social media managers can make an incredibly valuable addition to your business’s marketing efforts and here are five reasons why having a professional social media manager on your side is well worth the investment!

They Are The Expert

Remember that employee we talked about earlier who makes a few posts “here and there” as a favor to keep you afloat? The necessary tasks needed to make these posts worthwhile takes more time than “every once and awhile” can offer. You are better off snagging a professional to manage these task, do the research and create a strategic plan to help you get the most out of social media.

If you aren’t a social media guru and none of your employees are either, then all the time that you do spend just “posting” to your channels could be serving you no purpose at all. When you bring a professional on board, you can feel more confident that your efforts are not going to waste. They should be skilled enough to know if you are even on the right social media platforms because *Pro Tip*: Your business does not need to be on every single social media channel there is.

You Can Focus on Other Important Things

Just imagine, you could take a load off of another employee or even yourself to tackle some other projects on things you have needed to take care of but simply haven’t had the time. As a business owner, everyone knows that there is never a shortage of initiatives on the to-do list at any given moment.

Consistency is Key

Having a professional on your side will ensure that you aren’t that business who hasn’t posted on their social media accounts since 1994. There is nothing worse to a socially savvy potential customer who searches for you on social media and sees that. One of the main priorities of a social media manager is to ensure that each social platform has a consistent stream of content on a regular basis. They will also know what content types are best for each platform and whether or not consistent messaging across platforms is necessary or not based on your audience.

Keeping up a consistent stream of content is one of the keys to helping build your following. It is a simple change that people seem to neglect when thinking about how to build their follower or fan base.  Having a steady content stream also helps drive your customers wherever you want them to go (your website, a special landing page, promo page, etc.). Social posts are a key to getting people to smell what your business is cooking!

Responding to Customer Messages

Are your DM’s or Messenger boxes filled to the brim with customers that no one has time to answer? Ah, yet another key area where a social media manager comes into play – in this day and age social media customer service is becoming the lay of the land. In fact, when it comes to customer service on social media, 54% of millennials said they stopped doing business because of poor customer service. Additionally, 50% of Gen Xers and 52% of baby boomers felt the same way.

Believe it or not, this is another area where business owners miss the mark – not realizing that social media is not just for advertising their product or service, it is quickly becoming a platform for customer management. Customers expect businesses to provide customer service on major platforms like Facebook. Ignoring a customer (or making them feel ignored) is one of the fastest ways to lose them. Having a social media manager on board to interact with customers on a daily basis will likely lead to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Building Up Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is one of the most important ways to use social media to its full potential. A professional social media manager can bring a fresh set of eyes and new ideas to the table to help your business stay ahead of the curve online. Whether it is finding User Generated Content (UGC), engaging with your ideal customers or other like-minded businesses engagement is how you establish the type of person you are at the office party. It is the job of a social media manager to make sure you are well represented, and that can help bring new customers to the table!

Recruitment Efforts

Looking to add to your team? What better way to do so than through posting your job opening information on social media? Job seekers are now on the hunt all over the internet and job boards and newspaper listings are not the only way you can find great talent, especially social media talent!

Ready to bring a professional on board?

Professional social media management is the core of Social Pop Co. Check out our services and find your perfect plan today or contact us to build a custom plan if that better suits your needs!


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Why having a professional social media manager is well worth the investment

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Download our workbook and create your social media strategy

Social Pop Co. is a social media marketing agency dedicated to up level the Instagram presence of your beauty and wellness company. 

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Grab our workbook and create your social media content strategy.

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