To Vero or Not to Vero?

Meet the newest Instagram competitor: Vero. In the last 24 hours, this social media marketing app has gone from zero to hero in App store and has become the most popular app in the ENTIRE App Store.

We tried signing up for a new account today and experienced overloaded servers and connection errors, and many others have reported this same issue and even issues with composing a post.

The website states that this social media platform is free for the first one million users and after that – will seek to implement a “small annual fee” to begin generating revenue. Eventually, users who didn’t jump on board as one of the first million users will be subject to this fee.

Sensor Tower – a company whose specialty lies in-app analytics – reported that at the current moment it is on pace to add another 500,000 users in the next day or so and that is only on iOS platform.

So what exactly is Vero?

Vero was born in 2015 and prides itself on being an ad-free social network that “lets you be yourself.” The app is the product of businessman (and billionaire) Ayman Hariri who told CNBC that he started this app because was frustrated with the privacy policies of ad-based social networks. Beyond posting photos, you are also able to share text, URLs and recommend books, movies and TV Shows that you like.

What is so different about Vero & What is similar?

The main difference that we’ve seen thus far in comparison to other social networks is that the posts are in reverse chronological order and they don’t appear based on any special algorithm. It also distinguishes your connections based on their relationship to you. You can establish friends as “close friends, friends, acquaintances or followers” and determine which groups you want to share your posts with which is pretty similar to the way Facebook operates when it comes to friends.

Vero is big on privacy and makes it a point to emphasize their privacy policy. The claim to only collect a minimal amount of data about its users such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers but this data is safe under their watch and is not sold to third party advertisers.

How did Vero soar to the top of the social media network chain and how long will it last?

As previously mentioned – Vero has been around since 2015 and received little to no attention. However – towards the end of last week everything changed as the app suddenly shot up in the rankings going from #566 to #1 in under five days!

What caused this massive surge is still unknown, but we guess that it has something to do with the dreaded Instagram algorithm that is plaguing engagement for users across the board. There are even instances of Instagram users promoting their Vero accounts to current followers, and the hashtag #vero already has 517K posts!

There is no real insight on how long Vero’s popularity will last – there have been many that had come before them and did not stand the test of time. Because it is an ad-free platform and that it does not have any plans (that we know of) to incorporate ads makes us think that it certainly won’t be as beneficial for business use like Instagram is, but who knows, maybe Vero will have a change of heart!

Love it or hate it?

It has been reported that Vero is already under fire and facing criticism on Twitter because of Ayman Hariri, who is also the CEO Saudi Oger – a construction company. It was reported by Bloomberg that Saudi Oger shut down due to mismanagement last year, with at least $3.5 billion in debt and thousands of unpaid workers. Ouch.


Have you tried Vero yet? What are your thoughts?

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