Why your eCommerce business needs to be on Pinterest

Pinterest has quickly become one of the fastest growing platforms and an essential part of any smart digital marketers strategy. Pinterest provides an untapped source of brand new customers and amazingly robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits which bring along the ability to increase traffic to your website and spearhead new ways for pinners to become creatively interactive with your business.

If that isn’t enough reason alone, let’s take a look at the numbers as of 1/1/18 (they speak for themselves):

  • Total Number of Monthly Active Users: 175 million (source)
  • Total Number of U.S. Users: 75 million (source)
  • Total Number of international Users: 100 million
  • Total Number of  Users who save Shopping Pins to Boards Daily: 2 million
Now let’s take a second to digest those numbers.

Right out the gate, if you’re business is not on Pinterest, then you are automatically missing out on the chance to reach 175 MILLION people a day. When you have a fantastic product to sell – the more eyes on it, the better. Also, there are 2 million people that could potentially be saving your pin as something they plan to buy either now or in the future. These two facts alone are what makes Pinterest a goldmine for any e-commerce brand looking to make their mark on social media. While Pinterest is not for every kind of brand, it indeed proves its worth the time for product-based businesses!

Now on to those SEO benefits.

If utilized correctly, Pinterest can drive massive amounts of traffic to your website and your product pages. When you pinning an image from your site, other pinners can re-pin it to their boards or be taken directly to your businesses website and get information on how to purchase your products. Finally, your business page, pins, and board descriptions can easily be found on Google. So when someone is researching a specific product, if your boards are properly optimized, you have a shot at showing up in Google search results and BAM! Just like that, you could have a new customer on your hands.

Do you know how to strategically use Pinterest to boost your brands SEO, increase website traffic and create an active online following for your business? If not, don’t sweat it – this is one of the many things that Social Pop Co. specializes in as a part of our social media management offerings.

Contact us today for more information!

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