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There’s a noticeable difference when you partner with Social Pop Co. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our work below.

Package: Premium

Stats: Engagement ⬆️ 275%

Details: H2Blow needed a prettier feed that educated their audience about hair and makeup products without selling aggressively. We developed a feed design, strategy, and brand voice that did exactly what they needed. 

H2Blow: Blowout Bar – Social Pop Co has never made blowouts look better.

Package: Premium

Stats: Followers ⬆️ 300%, Engagement ⬆️ 512%

Details: Infuse Wellness needed the works for their drip IV service. We developed a strategy that spoke to their target audience and gave the brand a powerful voice through a cohesive feed, brand voice, and targeted messaging. It worked. Their audience responded, and their Instagram became a source of new clients.

Infuse Wellness – Social Pop Co infused life into their social media. 

Package: Basic

Stats: Web Traffic ⬆️ 267%, Engagement ⬆️ 315%

Details: Kyla Joy came to us with as a sparkling new, beautifully branded luxury handbag company. They had stellar product photos but no strategy or defined direction for promotion. We designed their dream feed while creating a strategy destined for success. We had this one in the bag. On top of the states above, our work resulted in many press opportunities for Kyla Joy.

Kyla Joy – Social Pop Co sparked joy on their Instagram. 

Package: Basic

Stats: Sales ⬆️ 100%, Followers ⬆️ 150%, Engagement ⬆️ 215%

Details:  Treets Traditions needed consistency for their body care products. They had an amazing product line, knew their target audience, had perfect product photos, but only posted every 3 months. We delivered the consistency they craved and crafted a strategy, that took them to new heights.

Treets Traditions – Social Pop Co made self-care a treat! 

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